The Zootineverse

My creative universe is currently comprised of 3 galaxies:

1) Zootine Records (1998-present — This is the museum of my band & solo audio output — A spectrum from lush electronic to sparse acoustic to unlistenable noise — Listen to the songs on my BANDCAMP PAGE);

2) Zootine Scrapbook (2004-present — This is my life story as recounted from a fever dream — A surreal epic in collages & comics, figures & fotos, maps & menus — Read the pages on my INSTAGRAM PAGE);

3) Zootine Show (2015-present — This is a ridiculous video archive of my obsessive mind — A low-fi comedy of toys, food, music, performance & art — Watch the videos on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL);

I also travel into another’s creative universe:

4) Sir Jerry’s World (2004-present — I am a writer/performer- most notably as Sir Jerry’s sidekick, Melman- in this project that began as a rock band for kids and morphed into a universe that now includes numerous TV & video series — Check out Sir Jerry’s BAND WEBSITE — Check out Sir Jerry’s TV SERIES WEBSITE — Watch the videos on the Sir Jerry YOUTUBE CHANNEL).

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