Slumberjack Legends Video 020 | Ontario Highway Collision (Experimental Music Video)

In SLUMBERJACK LEGENDS 020, it’s the final music video from my Sleepworld Radio “Incubator Chicks” EP. “Ontario Highway Collision” is a companion piece to the “Night Trucks On Highway 60” video as both lyrically play off of the rural highway tragedy theme. Additionally, the two videos share a visual style of using intimate closeups of faces that are altered. All in all it’s a pretentious bit of art that adds to the soundtrack of the Sleep World. 

Watch it here:

Slumberjack Legends Video 017 | Night Trucks On Highway 60 (Experimental Music Video)

In SLUMBERJACK LEGENDS 017, it’s a return to the succinct experimentality of music videos. This one is a one-shot, one-take performance art piece paired with one of my solo tracks “Night Trucks On Highway 60”. Taken from the EP “Incubator Chicks”, recorded under the Sleepworld Radio moniker, the song lyrics connect to the video via a psychological fishing line, nearly indistinguishable and yet obvious once you’ve grabbed hold. 

Watch it here:

Sleepworld Radio Album 016 | Sleepworld Radio | Incubator Chicks

SLEEPWORLD RADIO began in theory back in 2010 as I decided to begin my own experiments in music, under the name INCUBATOR CHICKS. After a few years of non-action, I finally began recording in 2014, releasing the first 2 songs under the SLEEPWORLD RADIO label. After another extended lull, I returned in 2016 to complete the project.

The album inadvertently illustrates my low-fi scrapbook approach to music as it collates musical tendrils from a 2-year span. It is definitely an acquired taste, volleying between noise and esoterism.

Check it out here:

Slumberjack Legends Video 012 | Knees Down In Bees Town (Ambient Soundscape Video)

In SLUMBERJACK LEGENDSĀ 012, it’s another DOLLAR STORE DREAMS video as the old-fashioned steam train pulls into the station in this flu-like, experimental video. A succession of looped film and warped audio creates a vaguely-nauseating comment on time and historical perspective.



Slumberjack Legends Video 011 | Sibbald Citrus Twilight (ASMR Ambient Music Video)

In SLUMBERJACK LEGENDSĀ 011, it’s another DOLLAR STORE DREAMS video as we are sent to the woods of central Ontario for a psychological and literal campfire. With the backdrop of the flame and the soundscape of the flickering pops and bellowing clicks, I tell a story in a sickly, dying singing voice. The result is a musique concrete vision.