Slumberjack Legends Video 019 | Sub Contractor Of Somnolence (ASMR Tapping, Crinkling, Whispering)

In SLUMBERJACK LEGENDS 019, I welcome you to visit the construction site of the portal to the Sleep World. In this ASMR roleplay, I don my site manager hardhat as we descend into drowsiness through repetitive and percussive tapping and crinkling along with some mind-altering narration. I hope you enjoy your tour and are ready to submerge yourself into the REM. 

Watch it here:

Slumberjack Legends Video 013 | Talk, Paper, Scissors (ASMR Paper Cutting, Ripping & Scratching)

In SLUMBERJACK LEGENDSĀ 013, it’s the end of the DOLLAR STORE DREAMS as I get caught up on some ASMR paperwork, with scissors in hand. Cutting, ripping, and cardboard tapping and scratching are all on deck in this odd performance piece.