Sir Jerry Performance 051 | April Fool’s Day Big Joke Show (Apr 1 @ The Drake)

Into the 13th year of Sir Jerry’s World, I’m proud that I have been there since the beginning, performing as Sir Jerry’s sidekick, Melman. 

In our 51st live gig, our “rock band for kids” will be introducing new music and treading some old favourites at our home base, Toronto’s Drake Hotel. 

Hope to see you there!


Sir Jerry Performance 050 | So Hip It Hurts (Oct 29 @ The Drake)

After 12 years as Sir Jerry’s sidekick, Melman, I’m excited to announce our 50th(!) live appearance is coming. 

A rock band for kids, our show adds in an eclectic mix of music and comedy as well as a wink or two to the parents. 

Come one and all to Toronto’s fabulous Drake Hotel on October 29 and experience this madness for yourself!