Chubby Bounty Hunter Video 033 | Hickory Stick Cub (Chubby Wolf & Cub Eat Hickory Sticks)

In CHUBBY BOUNTY HUNTER 033, it’s the launch of a new segment called “Chubby Wolf & Cub” whereby Eton Zootine joins me for food adventures. In this episode, it’s Eton’s choice, one of his personal favourite snack items, Hostess Hickory Sticks. For me it’s a nostalgic trip aboard this crunchy treat, with smoky hickory flavour and tangy seasoning upon potato chips in matchstick form. Now produced by Lay’s Canada, it’s the only snack left with the old Hostess name on the bag; a certain throwback to the heyday when “nothing else will do”. Luckily, Eton leads a new generation into the snacking fray with these addictive little morsels. 


Watch it here:


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