Chubby Bounty Hunter Video 031 | Chubby’s Your Nonna (Zito’s Marketplace Lasagna + Veggies Review)

In CHUBBY BOUNTY HUNTER 031, I’m at another grocery store hot table for lunch in the van with Mistercee. Zito’s Marketplace on Toronto’s Marlee strip is as authentic Italian as you can get in Toronto. The shelves are chalk full of house-made products and that goes for the takeout items as well. Today, I go with the server’s suggestion of lasagna with a generous side of veggies. The pasta is perfectly cooked and the meat gravy is simple and tangy with nice dimension and depth. The side veggies – a mix of green and yellow beans, carrots, and a choy-style leaf – are sauteed gently in garlic, herbs, and oil to make for tasty times. All in all, I felt like I was having dinner at Mistercee’s Nonna’s home and Mistercee agreed. 


Watch it here:


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