Chubby Bounty Hunter Video 029 | Chubby’s Burrito Wakeup (Bar Burrito Soy Burrito + Lime Jarrito + Fries)

In CHUBBY BOUNTY HUNTER 029, I return from my extended winter nap with a trip to Bar Burrito, a fast-growing chain on the Canadian Mexican food scene. My choice of the day is the soy burrito and it does not disappoint. Hefty and bright, just like me, this substantial sandwich is packed with black beans and rice, along with corn salsa, cheese and veggies and a wonderful smokey, creamy house special sauce. But for me the star is the soy. Texturized like ground beef and flavoured so succulently, it’s this kind of dining that could change the world to eat less meat. Paired with crispy fries and a crisp, sweet lime Jarrito, the meal is a winner. I am sated, out of hibernation, and ready to devour the planet one meal at a time. 


Watch it here:


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