Insomniac Yardsale Video 099 | Ninety Nine Hill Hurst (Beetleborgs Flabber & Monsters Unboxing & Review)

In INSOMNIAC YARDSALE 099, I celebrate my near-centennial of Yardsale videos with a near-vintage unboxing. It’s a Beetleborgs Metallix figure set from 1997, containing Elvis/Jay Leno clown phasm, Flabber and his assortment of haunted mansion cronies, The Hillhurst House Monsters. I’ve been eager to dig into this set for years and finally I decide to break the seal on the occasion of my 99th episode. The figures are heavy and well-painted with only two points of articulation but I’m happy to add the sextet of characters to my toy horde.


Watch it here:


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