Sleepworld Radio Album 011 | Convertible Robots | Adjunct & Digital

Another piece of my discography is re-released:

“By 2005, CONVERTIBLE ROBOTS had been playing for a year with PHILDO CACTUS as a full member. As such, JL BLANK and I (UYUGOMIAK) wanted to welcome him by re-recording a handful of our old tunes along with some new ones- all of which featuring PHILDO on bass.

But as bad luck piled upon bad luck, PHILDO parted ways with us before the songs could be completed. BLANK and I released the finished work months later, during our own dissolution, as a pair of EPs (ADJUNCT & DIGITAL and THE BATTLE OF TORONTO). The first of these, ADJUNCT & DIGITAL, featured the more mellow and slow tracks from these recording sessions.”

Listen to the album here:


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