Insomniac Yardsale Video 096 | Imaginext Space Ion Claw (An Eton & Daddy Unboxing & Review)

In INSOMNIAC YARDSALE 096, Eton Zootine joins me for another Lone Toy Fiend and Cub session as we delve into the awesome Ion Claw from Fisher Price’s Imaginext Space line. We’ve already got a pile of toys from the series so we know what to expect. The Ion Claw is the space vessel of our flu dreams with its trident style clutches and a vast library of sound effects. The accompanying alien is another weirdo from the Ion team with his/her single eye nestled in his/her brain matter head. We’re looking forward to adding this piece to our collection to help give the Ion Aliens a 1970s sci-fi edge in their fight against the Alpha Heroes.


Check it out:


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