Sleepworld Radio Album 005 | The Mess | Trachea Fish

Another odd piece from my discography:

“After a dozen mixtapes as GRAZER & FRIENDS and 2 EPs with JL BLANK, BLURIO DEADPAN and I (UYUGOMIAK) reconnected on further GRAZER music. As we added UNCLE MARKY and DROOLIAN to the line-up in 2001, we monikered this iteration of the band THE MESS, a nod to the improv, epileptic style of live music we had developed.

TRACHEA FISH, the only official album by this line-up, was released in the summer of 2002 to perplexed response. As such, the project ended up being a complete ‘mess’, effectively ending the band as well. Over the ensuing years, all of our GRAZER and MESS mixtapes were lost or destroyed, making this the only surviving document of our original run.”

Check it out here:


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