Sleepworld Radio Album 001 | Deadpan Uyugomiak Blank | Grazeradio

Re-releasing my music archives, record by record:

“After 3 years of working with BLURIO DEADPAN in our experimental band GRAZER & FRIENDS, we met JL BLANK in May 1998. Within a few months as my roommate, JL and I (UYUGOMIAK), recorded a song together. In spring 1999, we recorded another. To complete a 3-song EP, I suggested to JL that we bring DEADPAN to complete the record. 

Originally we used the GRAZER band name for the release as I used it for my final college radio project but in reality it was not in the same style or spirit. As such, the EP was put out as a cooperative effort using our individual names, DEADPAN UYUGOMIAK BLANK.”

Check it out here:


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