Chubby Bounty Hunter Video 024 | Mint Condition Chubby (Tim Horton’s Mint Chocolate Cookie & Doughnut)

In CHUBBY BOUNTY HUNTER 024, I go for another coffee break- this time with Tim Hortons new seasonal mint chocolate offerings. The mint fudge brownie doughnut is an average Tim’s product as it just tastes like any other sweet confection. The chocolate overpowers the mint on all fronts. Perhaps a mint cream in this filled pastry instead of the ganache would fix the issue. As for the mint chocolate cookie, we have a solid winner. The thin band of mint cream throughout its breadth, makes for a chewy and addictive product. If they kept this one year-round on the menu, I would need to rename the show to the “Morbidly Obese Bounty Hunter”.





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