Chubby Bounty Hunter Video 021 | Chubbano’s Midnight Special (La Cubana Medianoche + Yuca Frita)

In CHUBBY BOUNTY HUNTER 021, I venture away from Mistercee and the dog van for my first solo hunt. This time I am lured like a bug to the glow of a Cuban sandwich shop on Toronto’s Roncesvalles strip. La Cubana serves me up my first delectable medianoche, a culinary midway of a sandwich, piled with ham, seasoned pork, cheese, grainy mustard sauce and pickles on a sweet bun. The sandwich is perfectly balanced and spends little time in the open air as it slides down my gullet in moments. Paired with a side of yucca fries, a starchy-yet-sweet serving of crispy, salty exteriors and soft, dense insides, my hunger is sated. If I was a cigar smoker, indeed that would be the perfect aperitif to this succulence. My only complaint is the $20+ price tag for the 2 items with a bottled drink.





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