Chubby Bounty Hunter Video 011 | Laffalong With Chubby (Dr. Laffa Falafel Laffa + Fries + Apple Nectar)

In CHUBBY BOUNTY HUNTER 011, I tackle the massive Iraqi-Jewish delight, the laffa. Dr. Laffa is the king of Toronto laffa joints and delivers in perfect fashion with a muscular-forearm-sized sandwich. The laffa is soft with a nice springy chew. The falafels are made-to-order thus moist and crisp and fluffy. But truly, it is the toppings that elevate the laffa to the clouds. Instead of simple veggies, each one is a veggie salad unto itself, thus forming a final sandwich in which all elements are equal contributors. The fries I got as a side dish are colossal squared timbers of real potato. Unfortunately, unsalted they are bland additions. Either way, time for a nap.





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